The Oscars (also known as the best fashion night of the year) are this Sunday and we can’t wait to ooh and ahh over all of the beautiful gowns! Pale pinks, bold blues, sleek black and white, and glittering gold are just some of the things we are expecting to see this weekend.

Beautiful dresses, sky-high heels, hair and makeup, and of course diamonds all play an important role in any best-dressed look. But how do these gorgeous celebrities survive award season and party hopping while always looking flawless? We put together our own award season survival kit!
Makeup Bag
It is important to carry makeup with you in case you need a touchup, even if it is just powder and a lip-gloss! We love the cosmetic cases from LoloBag. Their cute designs come in a variety of colors and sizes. Put your makeup in, zip them up, and toss them in your tote!
Water Bottle
Hydration is key, especially when running from one event to another. We love the glass water bottles from bkr. The beautiful bottles come in three sizes and multiple colors. They are by far the most glamorous way to drink water.
Low Beams
Low Beams from Commando are perfect for dresses that you can’t wear a bra but still need a little extra coverage.
Hanky Panky
Your dress is so beautiful, why shouldn’t your under garments be beautiful too? We love the lace thongs from Hanky Panky. They come in many shades and colors including nude, which is great under a light-colored dress.
Nights can get chilly, even in LA. A soft scarf is the perfect thing to toss in your bag. You can wear them around your neck or over your shoulders. Pick a color to compliment your dress!
Bracelet and Earrings
Could you imagine if your bracelet broke or one of the backs of your earrings fell off? To avoid an accessories catastrophe, throw extras in your bag!
Nail Polish
Over the past few years, the mani cam has given us the chance to see celebrities nails up close and personal but could you imagine if someone chipped a nail right before their fingers were supposed to walk the red carpet? Always carry an extra nail polish in your purse in case of an emergency. Our favorite is Essie.
A little too much garlic in the passed hor d’oeuvres? It’s always good to have a few mints with you!
Although most of us will not be attending the Oscars, our survival kit is perfect for any kind of party! Especially since wedding season is right around the corner!

All items in our survival kit are available at our ellelauri boutique. 
114 S 19thStreet Philadelphia, PA 19103.