Summer is the season for denim shorts, breezy dresses, and interns! Meet our new summer intern, Zoe.

ellelauri: Zoe, where are you from and where do you go to school?

Zoe: I am originally from Philly. I am going to be a junior at Philadelphia University and I am a fashion merchandising major.

ellelauri: Why did you want to intern with us?

Zoe: Initially, the amazing window displays! I always love the clothes in the window so that’s what drew me in to inquire about an internship. When I learned more about the brand and how Liz designs her own clothes and manages the boutiques, I knew I wanted to intern for ellelauri. It is my first retail industry experience and I am so excited to learn the ins and outs of the business.

ellelauri: What are your favorite pieces in the store right now?

Zoe: I love the breezy summer tops and dresses from Feel The Piece and Bella Dahl. I also really love all of the jewelry, especially the statement necklaces.

ellelauri: How would you describe your personal style?

Zoe: Classic. A lot of black and neutral colors. I’m tall so I like pairing something loose-fitting with something tighter so there is a balance.

ellelauri: Who is your style icon?

Zoe: This New York based blogger named Nicole Alyse.

ellelauri: Who is your favorite high fashion designer?

Zoe: It’s a tie between Etro and Prada.

ellelauri: What is your favorite piece in your closet?

Zoe: A black wool jacket I got at a thrift store. It’s classic but a little edgy.

ellelauri: If you could add one thing to your closet, what would it be?

Zoe: A pair of Gucci slip on loafers; the ones with the fur inside.

ellelauri: What are you listening to right now?

Zoe: I really like Drake’s new album.

ellelauri: When you are not at ellelauri, what are you doing?

Zoe: Either cooking or watching fashion shows on YouTube.