Do you hygge? You probably already do but didn’t even know there this was supercool name for it. It’s the Danish and Norwegian word ‘for a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment.’ And who doesn’t want to feel that?

We at ellelauri do it already, with our warm sweaters, comforting candles and more. It’s just two weeks til Thanksgiving, the weather has been super-rainy and damp, so we are ready to hygge all the way home.

At this time of year, we want to nest more, bring in candles that smell of the outdoors, eat foods that bring comfort, and snuggle down with our loved ones and pets on the couch – before a roaring fire, perhaps?- and sip cocoa and just feel good about life.

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Wellness and coziness go hand in hand – encompassing hygge means you are feeling good in your body and your mind. With the recent passing of Daylight Savings Time, the whole getting-dark-at-5pm thing really needs to be combated, and how else with a cup of contentment and a feeling of self-care.

The feeling we are going for is warm and content. Does your place reflect that? Making a few small tweaks with some of our ellelauri favorites will bring you closer to feeling your best.



Take care of yourself at this time, work your body and mind during the day, and at night, home come to you- make your place your space and embrace hygge. You deserve it!