Tis the season to embrace everything peppermint favored! And eggnog flavored! And well..you get the idea. Tis the season to be festive. But CandyStore.com says not all holiday candy is loved equally!


Def the non-peppermint fruity candy canes- c’mon what were they thinking?!

But who doesn’t love Christmas Nougat Candy and Peppermint Bark? Do you agree? What candy do you love? What candy should you just leave in your stocking?

To make candy canes king of all, why don’t you infuse your vodka with some sweet stuff to combine two great things- candy and liquor- to make a sweet treat that’s smooth and delicious. We have candy cane-infused vodka recipes. After a busy Christmas, sometimes Momma needs a drink.

The day after Christmas is National Candy Cane Day, so let’s get started! CandyStore.com says to follow these rules:

  1. Pour candy into a glass container with a lid, such as a mason jar.
  2. Pour vodka on top of candy, at least covering it and usually to fill three-quarters of the container.
  3. Seal container and let sit for some amount of time — usually at least 24 hours and up to a week.

Then take out that bad boy and pour yourself some much-needed chill refreshment!

Candy Cane Vodka photo credit: Shutterbean

Feature originally by Clair Robins at candystore.com.