ellelauri’s own Amanda Campfield has decided to switch to a vegan lifestyle. Veganism is the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products. In terms of diet, vegans do not eat meat or animal bi-products such as dairy. Here is what Amanda has discovered about her health, diet, and what it means to be vegan.

ellelauri: What inspired you to go vegan?

Amanda: I have wanted to go vegan for a while due to health reasons. I have become more health conscious in recent years. I am becoming more aware of what I am putting into my body.

ellelauri: What has been the hardest part about the transition?

Amanda: No cheese! There are not many 100% vegan options when you go out to eat so I try to modify as best as I can.

ellelauri: What do you miss the most?

Amanda: Cheese! Besides cheese, I really like seafood, especially salmon and sushi. At first I tried to cut everything out but learned you can’t do that. You have to be educated. I am slowly cutting things out of my diet, little by little.

ellelauri: How have you felt since going vegan?

Amanda: Amazing! I have lost weight, I have more energy, and I’m not sluggish after meals. I just feel a lot healthier.

ellelauri: What are your favorite vegan restaurants in Philadelphia?

Amanda: I love V Street. For lunch, HipCityVeg is great, they have so many different options.

ellelauri: Do you have any tips and/or suggestions for anyone who is interested in becoming vegan?

Amanda: Do your research. Really look into it and don’t go in cold turkey.

For more information about becoming vegan, visit www.vegan.com