Our stylist and social media girl took a trip across the pond last week! Yes, the very week Royal baby Archie was born! We asked her to share her top 5 moments with us, keep reading for some serious wanderlust.


Changing of the Guards

You can’t go to London and not visit Buckingham Palace. I made the mistake during my last trip of not attending a Changing of the Guards ceremony. This time I knew better. I made sure to get there at 10:30AM and nab a great spot to catch the action. It was still crowded but so worth it! Being surrounded by hundreds of travelers from all over the world all trying to catch a glimpse of this regal, centuries-old tradition was an experience I will never forget.

Passyunk Ave

You can take the girl out of Philly but she will still find herself a cheesesteak. Two South Jersey natives opened a dive bar in London and I promise you the moment you walk in you feel at home. The cheesesteaks were amazing but it was the overall experience that makes this one of my favorite moments of the trip. The place was decorated with Philly sports memorabilia, signed dollar bills and all things Philly. We spent the entire time pointing out something new to each other. I’m not a Philly sports fan but my boyfriend is, seeing him light up when he saw the Nick Foles Super Bowl shrine almost made a fan out of me.


To my surprise, this was one of my favorite days. We took a guided day trip to Stonehenge and the ancient Roman town of Bath. It was truly amazing to see and be in an area that has been there long before most things in this world. I highly recommend it, it for the history, architecture and the countryside views. My boyfriend was really excited to see Stonehenge because of the mystery behind it. No one knows why or how the rock formation exists even our guide said that everything we know about Stonehenge is really just theories. This has sparked a desire to all the Wonders of the World, next up: the Egyptian Pyramids!


As two kids from Jersey, we love the shore and Brighton was a combination of everything we love about shore towns. The happy-go-lucky mood you can’t resist, the little shops. a classic boardwalk. great eats and outdoor bars. It was a bit cloudy and we dealt with rain here and there but it was still such a great day. There happened to be a music festival that day so we bar hopped and got to listen to a lot of live music. I had all the fruity drinks, bought way too many summer bags and cannot wait to find my way back when I can lay out on the pebble beach!

The food/drink

When I told people I was heading to London I got plenty of warnings about how different the food would be. I’ve been before and knew better than to listen to that but this time I was going with my food-particular boyfriend. I was determined to show him good food and I did. From Westminster to Brick Lane and Bath (an amazing Roman town about 50 mins from Stonehenge) we ate good on this trip and we have the photos to drool over. Now, this was a vacation so we did order plenty grown up drinks along the way. We discovered a liking for Guinness and Pimm’s! We found great spots all over London and Brighton to sip and eat.