Pimm’s Cup

FUN FACT: During the prohibition, Pimm’s was the drink of choice for America’s wealthiest. The British import had to be shipped in from London and Ireland and of course that cost more than the average person could afford to spend on an illegal beverage. Today, getting your hands on a bottle of Pimm’s isn’t treason or expensive at all.

TASTE: a refreshing iced tea

Add fresh lemonade + sliced cucumber + lemon + strawberries

Watermelon + Lime Vodka

If this drink doesn’t embody the free-spirited fun mood of summer, you made it wrong! Kidding, you can’t mess this perfectly fruit cocktail up.

TASTE: a tropical getaway, should really be served to you poolside

Crush chopped up watermelon in a cup, keep the juice and all the chunks! Add lime vodka + freshly squeezed lime juice + triple sec


If you ever spent some time in Texas you’re familiar with this simple bubbly beverage, if not you should really screenshot this!

TASTE:  a spiked homemade lemonade minus the sugar overload

In a tall, salt-rimmed glass add vodka + lots of lemon juice (about 1 lemon per glass) + sparkling water

Champagne Rockets

The simplest drink on the list and it makes for a festive photo prop! The popsicle keeps things cool and adds a fruity flair to your drink.

TASTE: the adult version of your favorite childhood popsicle

Pour yourself a glass of champagne + a red, white, and blue rocket popsicle


We kept these simple because you should spend less time prepping and making cocktails + more time enjoying them! Tag us @ellelauriboutiques in all your Fourth of July photos and stories.