It’s the weekend in a couple days (but who’s counting…we are). #SelfCare Saturday is coming up, and that means it’s time to relax and recharge because you work hard, girl! We know you don’t always treat yourself as the goddess you are, so it’s time to #treatyoself.  We’ve got the top 5 things to ensure a night in is just what the universe ordered.

A comfy place to land. Roommates practicing the tuba? Kids playing? Significant other puttering around? Husband in the way? This moment is for you- carve out a spot for yourself at home where you can have minimal interactions with others and really get your Zen vibe flowing. Mellow in your office, the backyard, your bed, where ever you can get that energy flowing through you for a Zen vibe- we are going for ultimate relaxation here.

Candles at ellelauri

Your favorite beverage. Hot tea, warm water with lemon, hot chocolate with almond milk, wine, beer, everything in moderation of course, so get your favorite beverage in your favorite mug or glass, and set it in that that comfy place.

Fresh scents. ellelauri has some gorgeous candles, so come on in and pick out the scent that most speaks to you. Whether you like florals or fall scents, we have got the candle for you to float away on a cloud of scent to your favorite place in your mind.

Glowing fresh skin. What’s your favorite way to treat your face? Your face does a lot of work for you- taking the brunt of the day with dry air, pollutants, and more. Treat your face with your favorite moisturizer, serum or sheet mask to get back that dewy skin to show the world.

Zen Out. Photo by Pixabay.

Float away and focus. Finally, relax in your spot, sip away at your beverage, and put on some calming beats or your meditation app. Slow your breathing and remind yourself that you are calm and relaxed in this moment, and that you can handle anything.

How do you feel? Fabulous! Get those good vibes going. Remember to Zen at least once a month, but once a week would be better. Focus on your breathing and remind yourself just how great you are!