Hello gorgeous girls! This has been a summer of surprises and it just keeps getting better. We are so excited to announce the opening of our NEW STORE in CHESTNUT HILL!

Before deciding to open a full-time store here, we tested out the market with a pop-up shop on Germantown Ave. It was very successful, and we met a ton of new customers and made many new friends.

We knew Chestnut Hill was the perfect fit for ellelauri. It took time to find the exact location, and we are thrilled with the space we have chosen. We can’t wait for our ellelauri clients to visit us here.

Owner/ Designer Liz Rymar notes that the most fun is designing the new layout and filling it with merchandise, plus having the grand opening party and meeting the new customers and people in the community (stay tuned for that!)

This store will be similar to the other ellelauri stores, carrying tons of amazing brands that are timeless, traditional with pieces that are on trend. We will, of course, primarily be carrying our namesake brand as well. The new fall 2018 line will be presented there as well to our customers- and we can’t wait for you to see these gorgeous clothes and accessories.

It’s not without some challenges though, but we find this just makes things interesting! Owner/ Designer Liz Rymar says, “Since this is our 4th permanent ellelauri store opening- plus a bunch of pop up openings in between- I think we have really gotten it down to a science. Our General Manager Amanda and I work well together getting everything in place. The tricky part this time around is that I am expecting my first baby less than a month after the opening so I have been limited in what I can do physically.”

We are excited to return to Chestnut Hill and honored to reconnect with the amazing customers, other local business owners and people in the community. We really love Chestnut Hill and are so excited to be a part of it again, says Liz.

Stay tuned for our Grand Opening Party at the Chestnut Hill location!