Joie DiGiovianni is a local jewelry designer who creates hand-made pieces using semi-precious and precious gemstones. We sat down with Joie to talk about her new spring collection, what inspires her, and her tips for wearing multiple pieces at the same time.

ellelauri: How did you get started in the jewelry business?
Joie: I started by selling already made jewelry. After seeing the quality of the product that was already out there, I set out to elevate jewelry and decided to start my own line. I started with beaded bracelets, Buddha’s, infinity signs and love. I wanted my jewelry to be timeless so I started using fresh water pearls. I think the more you layer, the better it looks.
ellelauri: What inspired your spring/summer collection?
Joie: I wanted this collection to be really fun and take you from day to night. I used a lot of pale pinks and pale blues and turquoise because turquoise is always fun. Everything I do, I try to incorporate fresh water pearls because they are timeless. The leather is very versatile; it transitions perfectly from a day at the beach to a fun night out. The leather with the pearls has the ability to get wet and is finished with a slipknot closure. All of the pieces are meant to be layered. It’s a very boho-chic vibe.
ellelauri: What gemstones did you use?
Joie: I used tantalized turquoise, polymer clay pave beads, AA-quality fresh water pearls, mother of pearl, and howlite.
ellelauri: What is the significance of the Buddha?
Joie: The Buddha gives off positive vibes and I like to think my jewelry gives off good vibes too. I want girls to feel good when they wear my pieces.
ellelauri: How do you envision the girl who wears your jewelry?
Joie: Bohemian
ellelauri: If you could have any celebrity be photographed wearing your jewelry, who would it be and why?
Joie: Olivia Palermo. I love her style and I think she is really good at accessorizing and layering.
ellelauri: What is your favorite piece from this new collection?
Joie: I love the triple choker because it gives the effect of wearing multiple when you are only wearing one. I love the layering effect.
ellelauri: What is your favorite combination?
Joie: I love gold and silver together. It goes with everything and doesn’t limit people to just one or the other.
ellelauri: Do you have any tips on mixing jewelry?
Joie: The more you mix the more interesting it becomes. It gives an added dimension.
ellelauri: Is there anything else we should know about your jewelry?
Joie: Everything is made by hand. I drill every piece and hand knot everything.
To shop Joie’s new spring collection, come visit our Rittenhouse boutique!