Salut Salon classy, fun, and funny in a LBD

Playing classical music isn’t always associated with playfulness and funny antics. But the results are fabulous when classical music, three sexy ladies in little black dresses, and a lot of fun take the stage in the form of Salut Salon.

Their video is a must-see.

The group, from Hamburg, Germany, started when best friends Iris Siegfried and Anne-Monika von Twardowski realized they had a special knack for entertaining with classical music in a nontraditional way. The group says the name Salut Salon translated means something like “Hello! Living Room.” The name is a throwback to where they got their first start as a group of musicians meeting each month in an apartment to play. 

Other group members are Sonja Lene Schmid and Angelika Bachmann. The group also appears with their “friend”Oskar, a puppet who is a musician too. 

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