We’ve rounded up a quick list of Best Sellers and how-tos for you to dive into this year. Enjoy them on your snow days, vacays or make them your beach reads.

“The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”

The Netflix show that has everyone thanking their clothes and organizing on a Container-Store level started with a book. “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” written by the shows leading lady Marie Kondo is on The New York Times Best Seller list with 3 million copies sold. Add it to your list for a little organizing inspo.  

“Girl, Wash Your Face”

Rachel Ellis, founder of the lifestyle site, TheChicSite.com, wants nothing more than to show you that you have the power to change your life. In her New York Times bestseller she uses her experiences—good, bad and every grey area in between—to encourage readers to live the life that was meant for them.

“How To Date Men When You Hate Men”

It’s like a catch-up brunch with your girlfriends where details of the latest guy problems are shared for laughs because what else can you really do. Writer and comedian Blythe Roberson uses her wit to tell the heartfelt and heart-wrenching moments of her journey dating the men of today.    

“The Hygee Life: Embracing The Nordic Art of Coziness”

The stretch of time after the holidays but before the hope of spring puts a pep in our step can be dreary. So we turn to the Nordics who face a much harsher and longer winter than we’d care to imagine. The Hygee (loosely translated it means cozy) way of life makes the winter months not bearable but enjoyable. The book, filled with recipes, traditions and decor ideas teaches you how to create warmth in your home and your life.